Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Meredith Whitney on CNBC, The Fed is "Out of Bullets"

This lady is a voice you have to pay attention to, despite her gloomy tone. She was right about the credit crisis and called it early. She was right about the condition of the big banks and predicted stock prices collapsing before they did.

The government is running out of ways to help the economy as the US faces major issues regarding credit and employment ahead, banking analyst Meredith Whitney told CNBC.

"I think they're out of bullets," Whitney said in an interview during which she reinforced remarks she made last month indicating she is strongly pessimistic about the prospects for recovery.

Primary among her concerns is the lack of credit access for consumers who she said are "getting kicked out of the financial system." She said that will be the prevailing trend in 2010.

Despite being able to borrow at near-zero percent interest, banks are not taking that money and putting it back into the marketplace. The Federal Reserve said Monday that consumer lending dropped 1.7 percent on an annualized basis in October, the ninth straight monthly decline.

Here is a link to the article which includes a video clip of her appearance...  Meredith Whitney on CNBC