Saturday, March 6, 2010

Economic Scenario Planning: The Day the $US Collapsed

One of the most provacative messages about what might be the outcome of decisions the government makes today is to watch a video clip, illustrating in a clear message, what a high probability result looks like on mainstreet. In other words, define a high probability future result, using a panel of credible experts. Curious George (ht) has discovered in his reading a series of video clips that do just that. The high probability result portrayed is the collapse of the US dollar! It makes little difference that the video is subtitled quite a bit, though the critical messages are from english speakers whose names are well known, such as Andy Xie, Peter Schiff and Steven Roach to name a few high profile experts involved in this work. There are six parts and they are 9-10 minutes each. The series are titled "Worst Case: The Day the Dollar Falls".