Monday, September 27, 2010

Elizabeth Warren on the Financial Consumer Protection Bureau

Elizabeth Warren, recently named as interim chair of the FCPB, is an anomoly among government regulators. She is unafraid to look under the covers and frankly describe what she sees. She does not back down to the financial power structure. Unfortunately, she is basically on her own because her popular positions (described in the following video clips) make her politically toxic to poiticians working for re-election. She needs some of them to support her work. If she can deliver any part of what she is describing in this video, without adding to the cost and size of government, I say clone her. She may be the perfect regulator. Here is a link to an interview on CNBC that includes former GE CEO Jack Welch, who confronts her and allows her to demonstrate her qualities as both an interviewee and a private market advocate.

Here is William Black, in late July, describing the potential appointment of Elizabeth Warren.

For anyone who would like more background about her, the following clip should help fill the gap. Here, she discusses a couple of specific struggles facing the 'have not' class.